A Tantric Man. What does that mean?

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For many people the meaning of the mystic-sounding phrase Tantric man is quite unknown. It sounds somewhat unearthly and many woman dream about a Tantric man entering their lives who should somehow magically solve all of her problems and make her happy at long last.

I have followed and lived a tantric lifestyle for some years now and today I’m writing about my understanding and experience, what does it mean to be a Tantric man. This may not coincide with the views of many gurus, teachers and other followers of Tantric lifestyle but it is the view of me – a realistic and down-to-earth man.   

For many people the word Tantra is only related to sex. Tantra is actually a spiritual lifestyle that provides the tools for living your life meaningfully, while constantly evolving. The ultimate goal of a real Tantric man is to become enlightened but in today’s world there are few men who strive towards it or even feel the need for it. Even if spirituality is not the goal, almost anyone can find something in Tantra that will help him improve his quality of life considerably, to be more aware and thus also happier. Tantra embraces everything related to life, be it eating, working or lovemaking. Everything can be done with greater awareness and this is how a whole new world can be discovered. Recently one of our male clients told us he had never encountered anything else in his life that would have brought as great changes in his life as Tantra did. He too had picked just what he needed from Tantra and thereby improved his 29-year relationship, his health and his wellbeing. Below I’ll list some of the topics that will probably resonate with many men and our upcoming training for men will be covering these subjects in greater detail.

1. Loving yourself and taking care of yourself.

A Tantric man loves himself, loves life and the different forms of life around us. You are your best friend or your worst enemy. You can lift yourself up or bring yourself down if you don’t get along with yourself or love yourself. You control your emotions and state of mind. 

If you love yourself, only then others too can love you and you are able to share love to others.

A Tantric man takes care of his health, his bodily, spiritual and energetic wellbeing. A part of Tantric lifestyle is following the practices of Hatha Yoga that means conscious and healthy nutrition, practicing body purification techniques, Yoga asanas and meditation. Hatha Yoga practice helps us learn to perceive and control the movement of energy in our body and to channel and use it consciously.

The most powerful form of energy in our body is sexual energy and a Tantric man has learned and is able to activate, accumulate and consciously use his own sexual energy.   

2. The skill of handling women and taking care of them.

The reason I chose to write in plural is that a Tantric man can either be consciously in a monogamous relationship or he can have multiple partners for sharing love, intimacy and masculine energy. When a man learns to control and retain his sexual energy, he can be in a deeply and mutually satisfying close relationship with multiple women simultaneously. He can satisfy them all and he will have enough masculine energy to balance his partners emotionally and energetically. 

A Tantric man has learned to, or can naturally love women. He appreciates the beauty and feminine energy of women. He appreciates how the woman relates to others, her feminine energy, her care and tenderness. He adores the female body, its curves and concaves that excite him and create sexual draw and polarity. He is sexual towards women, views them as sexual and embraces both their internal and external beauty.

A Tantric man has got the hang on female sexual anatomy, her erogenous zones and different ways of influencing these, in order to offer her perfect enjoyment and deep emotionally opening and satisfying orgasms. Women can experience 7 different types of orgasm. A Tantric man knows how to help a woman experience those orgasms and open up the sexual potential of a woman. He can offer love, closeness and intimacy to a woman. To give his masculine energy and soothe and balance the woman with it.    

A Tantric man strives to be in a relationship consciously, to observe and control his emotions and to choose to be in love.

A Tantric man can consciously be a better partner, better lover and better man for the woman but this doesn’t automatically solve all of the worries and problems of the woman. In a couple-relationship there are always two sides and a good and working relationship requires mature and conscious attitude from both partners. 

Nobody of us is perfect or has born with all the knowledge and skills to be a good lover or a Tantric man. 

However, all of these skills can be learned and in case you’re interested in improving yourself in these aspects, you can do it at course – A Tantric Man.

Wishing you internal growth and evolution.

Namaste, Urmas

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