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Sublimation of energy

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Sublimation of energy means that energy with a lower vibrational frequency is transformed into a higher vibrational energy. Sexual energy can be transformed into love or intellectual energy for example. We can change different energies within us into other types of energies by channeling the energy from a chosen chakra to other chakras. While making love a great amount of energy is activated in the lower chakras, Muladhara and Svadisthana. After finishing lovemaking, energy has risen to the upper chakras. Thus, tantric lovemaking in energetic sense is not different from sublimating sexual...

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Energetic polarity

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Energetic polarity From the tantric viewpoint one of the attributes of energy is polarity. Energy carries Yin or Yang polarity, a – or + sign. Yin energy is feminine, lunar energy with – sign. Yang energy is masculine, solar energy with + sign. In tantra it is believed that a male body accumulates more of the Yang energy and female body accumulates more of the Yin energy, but it doesn’t always work like this. When practicing tantra we constantly work with ourselves to make the energetic polarity between men and women work. The purpose of practicing yoga is to activate and balance...

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Chakras and sexuality

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Energy works in human body mainly through 7 chakras There are 7 most important energy centers in human body and each of them represents a different energetic aspect of the universe or an element. Starting from the lowest chakra where energy is heavier and has a slower/lower vibration and moving upwards where energy is lighter and has a faster/higher vibration. Starting from a more material form of energy and turning into a more spiritual energy upwards. Energy is divided between the 7 energy centers and each of them symbolizes something from the universe. Sexuality-related qualities of...

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