Clients Feedback

Hello Urmas,

Thank you for the knowledge you shared at the Tantric Man course. 

My feeling after the course is powerful. 

At the beginning of the course I felt a bit uncomfortable as there were many men I didn’t know before. You were able to create a pleasantly free atmosphere and I liked the course very much and also the way you ran it. 

I was surprised of the broad selection of topics covered there. I knew that the training will be related to sexuality but I couldn’t see the whole picture and the way how everything is connected: sexuality, thinking, lifestyle, communication, nutrition and purification of the body on the physical, energetic and spiritual level. All of this information was very useful and inspiring for me and it supports the important changes in my life.   

David (26)

Dear Urmas,

I have thought about writing to you several times and now I’m finally doing it. This is actually unbelievable what kind of opening the participation in your tantric massage course and the private sessions with you have brought to me. During the last 4-5 weeks I have experienced something I wouldn’t have imagined. Surely not so quickly. Every time I’m engaged with myself or when I’m with my husband, there’s an ejaculation! I’m especially surprised that it’s even possible when being by myself. Also, it doesn’t take a long time to reach this kind of release, often only 5-10 minutes. Today for example I cried during this from the bottom of my heart, I ejaculated and crocodile tears were rolling. I’m sure it had a healing effect emotionally and spiritually and I am very grateful to you and Katrin. I also feel that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey.

I also thank you for suggesting to give up smoking! Now it is my fourth month without smoking and I feel strong. To avoid gaining weight I’m exercising much each day and I’m enjoying everything physical more.

Best wishes,

Helen (34)

Hi Urmas,

Thank you for very useful training.

I tried doing a Yoni massage to my wife right after the training for men yesterday. As she is used to having clitoral orgasms she wasn’t able to have any orgasm from the internal points of the vagina. Although I massaged her for over 2 hours… It was a small disappointment for me but she liked it a lot. For her it was a wonderful time and she would like to experience it again.

When I gave her the G-spot massage, she had some kind of emotional release and she cried from her heart. For me it was a good sign that by giving her more yoni massage she will open more and one day she will be ready to experience whole body orgasms…

I’d like to start controlling my own sexual energy, by giving up ejaculation and keeping life energy in my body… It seems hard but not impossible.

Many thanks to you and I hope it’s ok if I sometimes write and ask for advice or help in applying the practical side of tantric lifestyle. 

Janis (31)

I’ve been interested in Tantra as a life philosophy for almost two years. I have received my first teachings through books and different seminars. My first experience in tantra massage was a quick glance to the big stage from behind the curtains, while not being in the main role in the play. Until some life changes that were quite rough helped me to acknowledge even better that I need a greater contact with my loving and feminine energy that would help me to balance my masculine energy. I decided that nothing would support this journey better than diving in the tantric subjects again and experiencing tantra massage with the help of an experienced and trustworthy therapist-masseur. 

I did a thorough homework finding the therapist. My wish was to find a person whom I could go to without any preconceptions and conditions. I was careful because people can be quite different. I wanted to be sure that the person to whom I will entrust myself is dedicated to his field and he’s a professional. I didn’t want an ’all-in-one’ therapy which would combine all of the mightiest techniques that are offered at today’s spiritual market. Regarding the selection of the therapist, today I can say that my choice in favor of Urmas was the best.

I couldn’t have expected anything I eventually experienced during the first session. I went there knowing that I haven’t experienced anything besides clitoris and G-spot orgasms but it turned out that my first session was also my first proper lesson of sexual education. During the talking, the theoretical part, Urmas showed on his own hand where all the important points are in a woman’s yoni. This was very educating, seriously. This helped me to sense during the massage, which orgasm I was facing and what I was going through. Already at the first session I experienced such an opening and as the session ended with a whole-body energetic orgasm, I had a deep feeling of peace and appreciation. I must say that quite different sensations, oscillations and vibrations went through my body up to very strange feelings that my body hadn’t felt before and which are hard to describe. Te funniest feeling that can be described is that at one point it felt like my left nostril wanted to fly away… 

I took three sessions. Each time I was more aware of myself and the sensitivity was considerably greater. I can’t remember ever feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed – entrusting myself into the hands of a strange person, nudity. The neutrality that I met at my sessions was an assurance that I was trusting and I was trusted. Subsequently I can say that there are only two possibilities, whether you trust or you escape, but when you reach your sexual opening, you have nowhere to run. Figuratively speaking, there is only the possibility of falling into yourself. This feeling is very powerful, like drinking directly from the source of life-force. I wasn’t probably much of a learning material for the therapist because my sexual and energetic opening came so quickly. I could also feel some emotional ups and downs after the last session. I thought that in addition to blockages which I didn’t have many to remove, I could also get away from emotional instability but it still came. Very energizing and liberating laughter was sometimes replaced by a feeling of being deep down. Fortunately, this didn’t last very long. What has remained up to today, is a very powerful feeling – to be in contact with my inner wise woman that makes the exterior shine even more.

My greatest guide on this journey on these three sessions was my own sexual self-rediscovery. I mistakenly thought that it was hidden very deep in me but on the contrary. Full and greater opening of the body, experiencing different orgasms and female ejaculation, crowned by an energetic orgasm, and storing all this in the body memory. I’m more than certain that I’ll keep allowing myself these sessions to activate and remind myself that each moment could be being in my ultimate femininity. 

I am grateful for this great experience. I think the best gift to both men and women is a tantric opening to reach pure love. 

In gratitude,

Karin (41)

I had been feeling for a long time that there is an undiscovered feminine potential in me, hidden behind some kind of blockage. I didn’t know what to do for removing that blockage. I encountered tantra massage thanks to my two friends who had done it independently without even knowing each other and it was hard to not notice their results. Suddenly their eyes were shining, they were full of joy of living and they seemed to be radiating of pure love. When I asked what’s behind this change and both had the same answer, I was then clear what to do.

In spite of that, getting used to the thought of tantra massage took another two weeks for me. Before the therapy session I was afraid that I would feel uncomfortable being naked in front of a totally unknown man and I was hesitant if I can even relax at all during a yoni massage. As soon as I stepped in, all uncomfortable feelings disappeared and everything seemed so simple and natural. Urmas has a very good energy and good hands and he can treat a woman’s body very skilfully and gently. There was no doubt whether he knows what he’s doing.

I learned very much about my body during these sessions. If I used to think before that I have only experienced clitoral orgasms, then now I learned that on some occasions I had been experiencing also other types of orgasms but I hadn’t been eve able to recognize those. I had three sessions and each time I experienced something new and I physically felt how my body became more sensitive each time. During these three sessions I managed to experience all types of orgasms and each time also a female ejaculation. The latter was an especially liberating experience for me. At that moment I saw pictures in my head about moments and people in my previous relationships that had caused me pain and thus also the blockage in my body. I let the tears roll and I got rid of a pain I had carried for years. After the session my body felt so light as if I had lost several kilos of weight. Also my heart feels light and easy. It felt very good. 

In between the sessions I experienced great fluctuations of energy. At one moment I had much power, I could be up and active all night. On some other days I felt such tiredness that I could almost sleep while standing. After some time the usual rhythm returned but I now have much more energy and joy of living than before. I feel great in my body now.

Love, femininity and sexuality have all opened a totally new dimension for me.

And I am extremely grateful for it!

Egle  (34)

In addition to the long story I told you at the end of the tantra massage course yesterday, I’d like to add that although I had gasped tantra trainings previously like fresh air, at the beginning of this road, I must say that the course you organized left a very warm, intimate and deep impression in me.

The reason might be that at that time I had been too much of a beginner to grasp everything quite well (practices) but I am convinced that on your course I had this feeling… it feels great when people enjoy what they are doing and they can and want to share it with others too. BIG THANKS.

It would be wrong to say that I envy your relationship… but more than anything in my life I’m hoping to find a partner with whom I could discover something like this together and walk on this way happily for a long time. We have come to this planet in order to love… aren’t we? Especially us, women…

Take care, stay safe and love each other! Namaste.

With sincere admiration and respect,

Vilja (41)

One of the main lessons in tantra for men is to learn the difference between an orgasm and ejaculation. I had understood this idea theoretically but as I had no personal experience, then this idea was still hard to grasp. Tantra massage offered me what I needed – I could experience what is an energetic orgasm that permeates the whole body. I would never have believed that it’s possible to experience something so powerful by massaging. Although my sense of time was blurred, this orgasm must have lasted 10 minutes. I felt a very intensive energy starting to move upward through my whole body, through my stomach, breast and hands, up to my fingertips. My body and especially hands were as if paralyzed, I couldn’t move them for some time. After recovering I felt totally satisfied, released and relaxed, as if I had got rid of years of stress at once. It was a very powerful and memorable experience and surely this won’t be the only time. I would suggest it to everybody who are open-minded and interested in learning more about the potential of sexual energy.

Mikael (24)