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Sexuality is where it all starts from, all life starts from sex. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the Universe, it creates life.

Sexuality has been given a bad name upon in Planet Earth, and that bad name is stored in our cellular memory. This is not just from this lifetime, it is from thousands of years of misappropriation and misuse of sexuality. It is necessary for you to clear the negativity surrounding sexuality from this lifetime, as well as to experience and examine how you utilize sexual energy and sexual expression in your multidimensional selves.

The orgasm has been distorted from its original purpose. Your body has forgotten the cosmic orgasm of which it is capable because society has taught us for thousands and thousands of years that sexuality is bad. You have been taught this in order for You to be controlled and to keep You from seeking the freedom available through sexuality. Sexuality connects You with a higher frequency of ecstasy, which connects you back to Your divine source and information.

The sexual parts of the body are avenues to pleasure that create frequencies that heal and stimulate the body and potentially lead it to its higher spiritual self. Sexuality is so misunderstood that, when it is exchanged between two persons, very seldom is there intent to connect spirituality with it. Sexuality invokes a spirituality that is free and that looks at itself as a creator. However, very seldom is sexuality used as a bridge to take you to the higher levels of consciousness.

Tantric therapy is for people who know that there is something more than meets the eye, who want to feel more alive in their body, feel more pleasure and change their sexuality and relationship with themselves and with others. Tantric therapy is for healing the body and the soul through the body, using Your own sexual energy for that. It is for people who have realized that there can be so much more to sex and sexuality.

I will always give my best to find the right solution for You.


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