Tantra Massage for Men

Tantric Massage for Men, Lingam Massage

Tantric massage therapy for men is a 2 hour session for healing the body and the soul and to awaken Your body with sexual energy through different techniques. 

Using both deep pressure, similar to Swedish and extremely light touch, I channel all sensual energies to be free flowing and constant. I incorporate different techniques to free up any repressed or blocked sexual energy and re-route it to be free flowing and full so that one may achieve heightened sensations by engaging all of their senses and as a result receive longer or multiple orgasms. This can only be accomplished once the chakras are free flowing and relaxed.

To release emotions that are stuck in the body I use Tantric de-armoring techniques. When we have emotions stuck inside, it often feels like You are carrying a heavy burden around. Just by applying pressure to certain points on the body people sometimes go to full body orgasms, because energy channels open up and energy starts moving throughout the body. Also after the session their body feels much lighter and they feel peaceful.

​Last phase of the Tantric therapy for men is Lingam massage. Through Lingam massage men can achieve better control over their sexual energy and their sex drive. Using different techniques man is taken several times close to orgasm, but never to ejaculation and by doing that men can prolong their time to reach orgasm. It helps to prolong the erection and in cases of premature ejaculation. Blood circulation is improved and erection will become stronger. During the session men can reach whole body orgasms. Lingam massage helps to fight stress and depression.

Lingam massage will also help men to last longer in bed and to become a better lover. One of the main problems between couples is that women can’t have deep vaginal orgasms, because men do not last long enough in bed. This can be improved very easily with few sessions through the Lingam massage.

Ideal would be to do three sessions, but often people need more session to have long lasting effects and to help the body to open up energetically.

If You have a partner, then this is a great opportunity to come and learn together to share the art of touch, that people so often miss in their life.

With the first session, there will be a 30-60 min consultation. If you want a longer consultation, please let me know in advance. During the consultation we can talk and get to know each other. I will understand better what are Your needs and how I can help You. During the first session I will give You techniques that You will be able to practice at home. I will always take into consideration Your comfort zone and I will try to find the best solutions for You. 

During the Lingam massage, key element is to stay away from the ejaculation. 

NB! Before the session it is not good to have a full stomach, drink coffee, any energy drinks, use alcohol or tobacco products.