Tantra Massage Workshop for Advanced Vol.2 in Tallinn, 9.-10.09.2023

Tantra massage Vol. 2 is more suitable for people who have already had some experience with us or other teachers in tantra massage. Workshop is also suitable for people who have some basic knowledge about Tantra, but have not practiced Tantra massage before.


In these 2 days You will learn:
– Body massage
– Removing blockages from the body
– Marma massage techniques for activating the body’s sexual function through energy points
– Yoni& Lingam Massage additional techniques
– Anal orgasms for men and women.  Ejaculation through anal massage for women (voluntary)
– Energetic full body orgasm without touch

This time we will go more deeper into techniques that will help to open up the body with Tantra massage. 

We will teach You how to remove blockages from the body and help to release emotional trauma and pain. Our body holds different emotions in the body and when letting them go, You feel like You have lifted a huge burden from Your being. We will teach You how You and Your partner can help each other by removing those blockages from the body.  Removing these blockages also helps the sexual energy to start moving freely in the body.

We will learn more different Yoni & Lingam massage techniques to make our massage sessions with our partner even more exciting.

We will practice anal massage for men and women. Anal orgasms are very powerful orgasm types and can be activated also by massage.
Women can also experience female ejaculation through anal stimulation and that can be a powerful experience for any woman. It can give her the experience of different orgasms simultaneously.


You can participate alone or with a partner. The training is hold in Estonian language with translation to English if needed.

Training will be held by Tantra Therapist Urmas Silman.


Urmas has been active in spirituality since his early twenties and has been active in the field of Tantra since 2011. Urmas has lot of experience in massage therapy and in energy work. Urmas works daily as a Tantric Therapist and has worked with hundreds of women successfully.

I will share with You my knowledge and practical experience that I have learned in different Tantra and Body Work training’s and through my daily work.


Participation fee: „Early bird” price until 9.08.2023. 220 Eur for 1 person, 400 Eur for a couple. (registration and first payment 50/100 Eur via bank transfer). Regular price 250 Eur for 1 person, 450 Eur for a couple (registration, and first payment 50/100 Eur via bank transfer). 


Date and venue: 9.-10.09.2023, Estonia, Tallinn. Both days from 10:00 a.m.till 8:00 p.m. The venue will be specified for participants later. Training will be held in Estonian with translation to English if needed. 

Registration and information:
Urmas Silman,

e-mail: urmassilman@gmail.com

tel. +372 5034356