Tantra Massage Private Teaching


Tantric Massage training sessions for Men and Women

What is a private tantra massage training session?

Lots of people who have enjoyed our tantra massage sessions wish to take this wonderful experience home and practice it with their close ones. This is why we are offering a chance to acquire this skill with us at our private tantra massage training sessions.

If you wish to come alone without a partner, we have wonderful sexually open women and men as models on whom you can practice massage to get a taste of what can be experienced and achieved by massage.

In order to come learn with us we need to find a time that will suit both you and the model. ​If you’d like to come to learn with your partner, it is good if both take a private tantra massage session first. This will give us a chance to understand how your body works. Massage can be taught to your partner with you being the model once the sexual energy is opened and women are able to experience different orgasms. In case of men, when they are able to withhold and control their ejaculation. Preceding tantra massage sessions with us will prepare you and your partner for this. The number of sessions needed before the training depends on your body. Usually 2-3 sessions is enough.

During the training session you can practice massage right away and you will be going through a whole tantra massage session together with the masseur. In case a single training session is not enough for you, you can always come again and we will revise the techniques that are yet to be internalized.

A tantra massage training session will take approximately 3,5-4 hours.

With Urmas you can learn privately Yoni and Lingam massage.