Tantric massage and menstruation

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 Tantric massage and Menstruation

For the positive effects of tantric therapy to manifest we recommend our female clients to take three tantric massage sessions with intervals of about a week. Once a month, on an average, women have a menstrual cycle of varying length and often a massage session coincides with the cycle.


For most women this creates an unpleasant situation where they would like to come to the session but are afraid because they have feelings of shame and embarrassment related with their menstruation. They are ashamed of their menstruation and blood plus women are also emotionally more unstable during this time and their self-esteem is lower. Actually female sexuality is very high during these days and the women who have overcome their feelings of shame, embarrassment and guilt in relation with menstruation, enjoy sex greatly and have powerful sexual experiences with their partners.

Menstruation and tantric massage

Having tantric massage during menstruation will help women to overcome those feelings of shame and embarrassment related with it and to also accept this side of herself. Understanding that this is a natural and healthy side of being a woman. As their sexuality is higher than usual during menstruation, they can open up faster and enjoy very powerful experiences also during the massage session.

When women experience powerful internal orgasms, sexual energy will move inward and up in the body (a process called sublimation). As a result menstruation will become shorter and loss of blood will decrease. Sometimes it happens that menstruation ceases altogether, if the woman also eats clean food and practices yoga and meditation. The less blood a woman loses during menstruation, the less life energy she will lose in the process, and the more vital she is.

If a woman feels more or less normal during menstruation, with no strong pains in the lower abdomen or back, we recommend not to postpone a session due to menstruation. Face your fears, feelings of shame and guilt and understand that they actually have no reason. Tantric therapist is not afraid of menstrual blood and his/her understanding and healthy attitude will also help the woman to see it as a normal and natural part of being a woman.