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Tantra Massage / Tantric Therapy

There are a several reasons why people would come to a Tantric therapy. 

Let’s start with women.

First reason is just to come and experience what is Tantric sexuality. There are many people who have heard about it, but never really understood it well. Or people have attended a Tantric workshop/event and now they feel they want to experience it for real and they do not have a Tantric partner. Even if they have a partner and both are beginners, it is often hard to get these experiences on Your own. Women can have 7 different types of orgasms. But most women either have clitoral orgasms or they have experienced 3-4 different types. Very rarely has a woman experienced all 7 orgasms, unless she has been into Tantra already for some time. And even less women have experienced female ejaculation. Very few women have experienced that naturally, but all women can have that experience. 

The second reason why women come is because they either never had an orgasm before or they can only have clitoral orgasms. Some women can’t have orgasms with their partner, but they can make themselves orgasm. About 30% of women have never had an orgasm. 40% of the women that can orgasm, can only have a clitoris orgasm and often it has to be a certain angle, a certain stimulation etc. Why women can’t orgasm…well there are different reasons for that. Often it is psychological, but the reasons can also be physical. If a woman has only clitoral orgasms, she will start to lose her interest for sex quite early, starting already in the age of 30. She can also become emotionally rather cold.  This is one the main reasons why many marriages end or go through very difficult times, men want to have sex and women don’t want, or they want once in a month. This often leads to infidelity, lying and betrayal.  Sex is not some animalistic act we do; it’s not an itch we have to scratch. Unfortunately this is how most people see it. When people discover the true nature of their sexuality and when they start to feel the divinity, everything changes for them. Most importantly their relationships change. They find love and intimacy again with their partner. In relationships intimacy and sex often disappears after the first couple of years, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When our bodies stop producing the hormones that make us feel in love all the time, then now it is time for ourselves to put in some effort for the relationship to last and still be a very beautiful relationship for both people. 

Third reason is that some women have suffered some kind of emotional or physical trauma. They might have been raped or abused in some way. Sometimes there has been a very weird attitude to sexuality when they grew up and they feel a lot of shame and guilt. All these traumas stay in a woman’s body and mostly in the Yoni (vagina). This can cause many different problems for a woman. She can have often infections in her Yoni. Her Yoni can be painful inside. In the most severe cases women can have her Yoni cramping up the minute someone tries to enter her, because there are tons of negative feelings stored in the body, like anger, hatred etc. This condition is called Vaginismus. All these emotions need to be released from the body. Also conditions like HPV and cervical cancer have been cured very well with Yoni massages and Tantric sex. Yoni is the center of a woman. Women should take extra care for their Yoni and they should love and admire it. Usually it is the opposite. Many women have never really looked at their Yoni and they feel shame even talking about it. And woman who are very sexual and open are often called sluts or whores. They are never called Goddesses or Tantrikas or Dakinis. But that is exactly what they are; each and every woman is a Goddess. 

There are no pills for the above mentioned conditions and this is a place where women can find help. Sexuality is a very important part of every woman. When a woman reaches her full orgasmic potential and clears the traumas that she holds inside, it changes her whole life. She becomes connected to her sexuality and femininity. Often when women leave after a Tantric massage, they tell me later that men were looking at her everywhere. That is because her energy, her whole being had changed after that experience. If You want to read more about women’s sexuality, I recommend Mantak Chia’s book “Multiorgasmic women”. Also You can google Kim Anami and she will tell You all about “A Well Fucked Woman”.


Why should Men come to Tantric Therapy?

The first and the most common one is women. Men should come for women. Men and women have a few differences in their sexuality. One of them is that man is like a fire in the bed, he is hot the minute he touches the woman. The woman on the other hand is like water. She takes time to warm up. But most men are done far before the woman warms up. This is one of the key reasons why women can’t orgasm: because men don’t last long enough. I am not blaming men here. An average man lasts from 4-8 minutes in bed. It takes about 20 minutes for a woman to warm up. Nobody teaches men these things and very few know where to look for help with this. When men start their sexuality it’s either masturbating, while their parents are in the next room and You have to do it very quickly or they watch porn, which is even worse. Porn has very little to do with real sex and it affects men’s brain in a negative way. Men often become addicted to porn and that has a lot of influence on their sex life. So one of the reasons for  men is to become Tantric in order to have a better sex life with their partner and when men last longer and women have orgasms, then women will also want more sex. This is a win/win situation for both parties.

Second reason is erectile dysfunctions. In UK 2.3 million men suffer from this condition. If You go to a doctor, he will give You some pills and a penis pump, which will probably work for a while. But that does not treat the reason why a man is suffering from this condition. This can also be psychological or emotional or both. There are many things to be done here. Even men who come on their 60ies or 70ies can usually be helped.

Third reason for men is they want to experience also what is Tantra. They want to become multiorgasmic men. Yes, this is possible. If You want to find out more about it, read Mantak Chia’s book “Multiorgasmic Men”. Usually an orgasm for a man is a 3 second explosive feeling in the area of the genitals. After that men want to go to sleep or empty the fridge and watch football. Because they are completely out of energy after ejaculation. It is important to know that orgasm and ejaculation are not one and the same thing. First You have an orgasm and then You ejaculate. They come from two different parts of Your brain. When men learn to separate orgasm from an ejaculation they can become multiorgasmic. During sessions we teach men how this can be achieved and many of them experience their first full body orgasms during the sessions. With every ejaculation men lose important vital energy and this is one reason why men experience erectile dysfunctions problems.

Fourth reason is that there are also men who have experienced sexual abuse in their childhood for example. They have so many fears around sexuality and intimacy. When they start to feel full body orgasms, the blockages from their body will be released. They will start to feel different emotionally and physically. 

​Fifth reason for men is stress and depression. Tantric massage sessions are a great way to fight both these conditions. After the sessions men usually feel energized and at ease.

These are the most common and important reasons why people come to Tantric therapy. Going to a sexologist, therapist or a doctor will not give good results in these cases, because it is necessary to work with the body.  In Tantric therapy the therapist uses Your own sexual energy to heal Your body.

​Remember that every person if different and what happens with a person during the session can never be predicted. It depends on Your emotional and physical state. Most people open up with 2-3 sessions. But some people need 10 sessions to start having effects.