When hearing the word Tantra most people will automatically think that this has something to do with sex.  It is true that Tantra does cover sexuality, because Tantra teaches the ancient art of love making, which has its roots in India. 

But there is so much more to Tantra than just sex. Tantra is an authentic spiritual path, which can take You to enlightenment or in other words reaching the higher states of consciousness. Tantra covers in itself different styles of Yoga, astrology, dance, geometry and many other things.

One part of Tantra is the ancient art of love making and if You take a deeper look into this, then You can change many things in Your life.

When I participated in my first Tantra workshop few years ago, my friend said to me: “Isn’t it wonderful to enter a world where men can be men and women can be women”. Tantra gives a wonderful opportunity to develop ultimate femininity for women and masculinity for men. In today’s world these roles are often mixed up and because of that the relationships between men and women suffer a great deal. 70% of marriages end up with a divorce and majority who stay together are not happy after few years into the relationship.

Tantra gives You a chance to change that and the knowledge how to be consciously in the role of a man or a woman, how to put effort into Your relationship and how to become an amazing lover.

Men and women are very different in their sexuality and in order for both to feel complete pleasure men and women need to get to know each other in a much deeper level. Successful love life will also give amazing effects to Your everyday life.

Best way to learn Tantra is to attend a workshop, but there are people who want a more intimate environment to talk about their sex life and their problems. This is why we also offer private consultations. Tantra can be learned alone or together.

Tantric lifestyle will not only teach You how to become a great lover, but gives You an opportunity to live in a more conscious, healthy and whole lifestyle.

Tantra has been coming more and more popular in the world. Mostly the teachings that are given pay attention on how to get more pleasure, but many important teachings have been left out. We teach Tantra according to the ancient tradition, where all the important teachings have been maintained.

If You feel that Tantra is something that interests You, then it might be the path for You.