Tantric massage and polarity

tantric massage and polarity by urmas silman

The whole universe and all forms of life within it are working as a mutual interaction of positive (+) and negative (-) energies.

Starting from the energetic (+)/(-) connections at the atomic level, forming the tangible and realistically comprehensible matter, up to the rather elusive solar system and galaxies.

The energies of Yang (+), or masculine, and Yin (-), or feminine, are the opposites operating throughout the universe, complementing each other and together they form a whole. Masculine energy, Yang (+), strives towards the destruction of the old and towards liberation, female energy, Yin (-) on the other hand, strives more towards preservation and holding. Yang (+) acts as a protector against external threats and thus has to be strong, Yin (-) preserves important basic truths and principles and prepares us for using these.

Keeping these energies in balance helps us to achieve harmony and happiness in our lives, unbalance on the other hand will often bring chaos, destruction and suffering. One of the main principles of Tantra is understanding this energetic polarity and using it consciously.

Man and woman are seen as the embodiment of these polar energies. Shiva – the aspect of masculine (+) energy in the universe, pure consciousness, and Shakti – the aspect of feminine (-) energy of the universe. Each man and woman carry both energetic aspects simultaneously; masculine (+) energy, active, outward, giving, and female (-) energy, passive, inward, receiving. In our physical body these polar energies are distributed in such a way that our left side reflects the female energy and our right side reflects the masculine energy.

Women are generally more charged with feminine (-) Yin energy and men more with masculine (+) Yang energy. The stronger (+) Yang energy the man has, the stronger is the energetic attraction of women towards him. The same holds true for women – the stronger the (-) Yin energy of a woman, the stronger subconscious attraction men feel towards her.

We have repeatedly received feedback from our customers that after being able to sexually open more thanks to tantra massage as their gender-specific (+) or (-) energy has activated more, they have enjoyed considerably more attention. They are being noticed, they stick out, they shine, they are sexual and strongly polarized. Energetic polarity also works very strongly in a tantra massage session and in regard to polarities it is considerably more effective if the masseur is of the opposite sex.

Many women are afraid to get a tantra massage from a man because it is such an intimate, sexual and personal experience.

Women have been suffering, emotionally and often physically hurt because of men and as a result they tend to fear men. In such case it is better to start tantric therapy with a female therapist. After overcoming the initial fears and hesitation, it would be beneficial to receive some sessions from a male therapist in order to balance feminine energy and to try to start trusting men again.

Several of our female clients have started their tantric therapy with a female therapist and continued with a male one and later commented that the difference is great. They both offer different experiences and complement each other. Polarity-related energetic effect is considerably greater between opposite sexes.

Often both women and men experience energy movement and energetic orgasms already when doing a general relaxing massage, increasing the body’s sensitivity with gentle touch and caress and opening marma points while activating energetic sensitivity. In case a woman has never or almost never experienced a caring gentle attitude and touch from a man, it is advisable to experience tantra massage with a man who knows how to treat her by giving her an enjoyable combination of strong masculinity and gentle feminine touch.

Strong masculine energy balances and calms the woman in the session and helps her to center herself, find inner peace and balance.

In case the woman has no partner of if the partner is not willing or able to energetically balance her, it is good to get a tantra massage session from time to time to receive masculine energy and to keep her feminine energy active.

This will help the woman to be more in her feminine energy, to feel better, have more positive mood and better health. In today’s society there’s a great mix-up in the gender roles and energetic polarities of men and women. Women are more in masculine energy due to the roles inflicted by life, and men have often assumed feminine energy because being in a clearly distinguished and strongly masculine energy is not regarded as good and acceptable behavior.

As a result the polarity and energetic attraction between men and women is decreased and there is more and more mutual resentment. Men are not happy with women and women are not happy with men.

Mutual accusation however doesn’t help to change the situation.

If we want some change, it must start from ourselves. Change in ourselves can happen only through awareness, understanding about which polar energy we currently are in and which energy we wish to be in.

We can attain inner peace and balance if we accept and understand both of these energies in ourselves, feminine and masculine, and we are able to activate the energy matching our gender role more strongly. Here tantric therapy can help. Wishing you inner evolution and growth of polarity, Urmas

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Tantra massage in Tallinn

Tantra massage in Tallinn. A voyage of discovery into the world of your deeper femininity.

Tantra Massage, also known as Tantra Therapy, is a holistic approach to our body and sexuality. Tantra Massage combines ancient Tantric teachings and massage techniques, offering a unique way to heal our physical and emotional bodies.

It is an intimate art of bodywork that expands our understanding of sexuality and helps us discover new dimensions of pleasure. At the same time, releasing the physical, energetic and emotional blocks in our bodies.

Tantramassaaž Tallinnas Urmas Silman

A woman’s sexual opening in a Tantra massage session

Each day I see in my work women who cannot orgasm at all, can’t have internal orgasms or their sexuality is completely asleep.

Because of that their relationships with their partner’s suffer, also their health and their overall wellbeing. I can see more clearly how important it is to start paying attention to this part of their being, instead of ignoring it. Many men are desperate in relationships.

woman sexual opemning during tantra massage session

Full Body Orgasm

Talking about male and female sexuality “full body orgasm” is not so often mentioned.

For many people this is like talking about walking on the moon, they have no idea what it is and if it even exists. Full Body Orgasm When a man or a woman gets an orgasm, then usually they have this intense feeling of release in the genital area. For men it comes with the ejaculation and for women often with the clitoris orgasm, sometimes with the lower vaginal orgasm.

full body orgasm urmas silman therapy

Yoni massage in Tallinn

Yoni massage is a type of Tantric massage that specifically focuses on the female genitalia and reproductive system, known as “Yoni” in Sanskrit, which translates to “sacred space” or “sacred temple.”

In Tantra, the Yoni is seen as a source of life and a place of deep wisdom and pleasure.

yoni masssage in tallinn

Blockage release massage

Massage for Releasing Blockages: A Life Quality Changer

Massage therapy has proven its effectiveness over time in alleviating a variety of health issues. One of the most significant forms of massage is the blockage-releasing massage, which focuses on restoring the balance of body and mind by releasing both physical and emotional blockages.

Blockage release massage

Marma massage

Marma Massage: Ancient Asian Healing Art

Originating from traditional Indian medicine, Marma massage is a unique therapy that combines ancient wisdom and modern techniques to offer a holistic approach to mind-body health. This article delves into the world of Marma massage, discovering its origins, techniques and benefits.

marma massage urmas silman

What does the phrase Tantra Man mean

For many people the meaning of the mystic-sounding phrase Tantric man is quite unknown.

It sounds somewhat unearthly and many woman dream about a Tantric man entering their lives who should somehow magically solve all of her problems and make her happy at long last.

tantra retriit urmas silman

Tantric massage and Menstruation

Once a month, on an average, women have a menstrual cycle of varying length and often a massage session coincides with the cycle.

Menstruation For most women this creates an unpleasant situation where they would like to come to the session but are afraid because they have feelings of shame and embarrassment related with their menstruation.

tantramassaaz ja manstruatsioon urmas silman

Anima and Animus

Anima Derived from Latin meaning “a current of air, wind, breath, the vital principle, life, soul”, the Anima refers to the unconscious feminine dimension of a male which can often be forgotten or repressed in daily life.

However, in order to psychologically progress and reach greater internal balance and harmony, it is necessary for a man to recognize, embrace and connect to this latent element of his character.

anima ja animus tantra urmas silman

Energetic polarity

Energetic polarity From the tantric viewpoint one of the attributes of energy is polarity.

Energy carries Yin or Yang polarity, a – or + sign. Yin energy is feminine, lunar energy with – sign. Yang energy is masculine, solar energy with + sign. In tantra it is believed that a male body accumulates more of the Yang energy and female body accumulates more of the Yin energy, but it doesn’t always work like this.


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