Women and Sexuality

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Women and Sexuality

Each day I see in my work women who cannot orgasm at all, can’t have internal orgasms or their sexuality is completely asleep. Because of that their relationships with their partner’s suffer, also their health and their overall wellbeing. I can see more clearly how important it is to start paying attention to this part of their being, instead of ignoring it. 

Many men are desperate in relationships. For men intimacy and closeness are extremely important, but in almost all relationships it starts to fade away. The number of single mothers with small children is growing constantly, because the relationships can’t take the pressure. When children are born, women direct all their attention to the child and the men are not important anymore. Men compensate this situation by diving deep into work, sports or spending time with their friends. In worst cases they can start drinking or even using drugs. Whichever way of escaping the reality is most suitable for them.

I can’t say that women are to blame here. There is no awareness at all in this. Children are the biggest challenge to a relationship. There is no guidance in how to be a mother a woman and a wife, how to have children and how to have a happy marriage, so that no one would feel left out. 

It is important here to remember that sex is not an annoying habit of our body, like going to the toilet. It is an important part of us. I read just recently Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Mastery of Love”. There is a chapter in that book called “Sex”. The author clearly states that we are sexual beings and that our body is made for sex. So why is that we consider it to be so unimportant and suppress it. It is such a big part of our being. If this part of us is not working, then probably one or even more of the following things in our life is not working either; our health, relationships, happiness, finances. And believe it or not, they all are connected to our sexuality.

How beautiful, loving and radiant is a woman who has discovered her full orgasmic potential, a woman that loves having sex, who shares emotional and physical connection with her partner. You can recognize that woman a mile away. 

Sex is not meant for emotional and physical discharge. It is meant for creation, it is meant for bringing a man and woman together and creating a bond so strong between them, that no one can break. It is meant for balancing each other and bringing more harmony to their being. If a man and woman are lacking sex in their relationship, they are lacking the intimate connection between them. That is why relationships do not last. 

Approximately 30% of women have never experienced any kind of orgasm. It is absolutely understandable that sex is an annoying duty for them. Their Yoni (vagina) is completely numb inside and sometimes can be even painful. These women can’t understand the true divinity of sex, because they have never experienced true pleasure. 

One of the biggest gifts a woman can give her man is her orgasms. By nature man is the giver and woman is the receiver. It is very important that he can give, that he can give orgasms to her woman. Man also needs to learn how to receive, just like a woman needs to learn how to give. But a man wants to feel that he satisfies his woman. I am not talking here about the men who just selfishly masturbate inside a woman and do not care if the woman orgasms or not. But a man who cares for his partner needs to see that she is orgasming. Then he can feel he is a man. Often times when in a relationship the woman can’t orgasm the man will start to feel as if he is not a man enough. His masculinity is in danger. He thinks it is because of him. Sometimes it can be, because men do not last long enough in bed, in order for women to orgasm. But sometimes he can do all the right things and her sexuality is just asleep. Her Yoni needs to be awakened. 

You can’t believe how often men will answer to question: “is Your partner orgasming?” “I do not know” or ” I think so”. I do not think this is a normal thing. And every time this man makes love to a woman that is not orgasming, he feels that he has failed yet again. Soon he will lose interest in making love with her, because he doesn’t want to have that feeling of not being a man. And yes, all men out there please get to know Your woman’s body. It is a truly magic and mystical and can take You to places where You have never imagined You can go. Remember the bedroom is not the place to be selfish in. 

Women can experience 7 different types of orgasms and female ejaculation. Yes, all woman can experience them. It is just a matter of time to open them up. Because sexuality is such a big taboo in our society, most women have no idea what their body is capable of. 

When 30% of women have never had an orgasm, then the rest mostly have experienced clitoris orgasms and even they can experience difficulties. Ladies, please do not use vibrators or if You use, then not in vibrating mode. When You use vibrators, Your Yoni gets used to very intense stimulation and You can’t reach an orgasm by intercourse then, because no man’s Lingam vibrates same way. You can use a dildo and it would even be good to do it, especially if You do not have a steady partner. 

What happens to a woman who only experiences clitoris orgasms? Clitoris orgasm has a masculine character; it is quick, short and deeply relaxing. When a fetus is inside a mother’s womb, the first 6 weeks has no sex. After the 6th week if the fetus starts to change to a male, the clitoris becomes the Lingam (penis). 

During a clitoris orgasm women lose precious sexual or life force energy called Ojas Shakti. Tantra explains that we all have a limited amount of this energy and throughout life we are constantly losing it. But women lose it the most by clitoris orgasms and menstruation.  

Due to the loss of energy after the clitoris orgasm, women tend to feel empty and tired, their clitoris and nipples are gentle and she doesn’t want to continue with lovemaking. She needs a break. How long is the break? That will depend on the woman and her age. Some need 5 minutes, some need a month. The older she gets, the longer the breaks, because her valuable life force energy is running out. There are a few lucky ones who have incredible amounts of energy and can still be sexually active at until a very old age. 

When a woman experiences only clitoris orgasms, then starting from the age of 20’s for some women sexuality will start to go into sleep mode. It is true, clitoris is the only body part that is meant for pleasure only, but it needs to be used in a right way. Clitoris orgasms can make a woman emotionally cold and physically distant and add masculinity to her being. She doesn’t want intimacy and closeness and she can start using sex for just discharging herself emotionally and physically. 

Please do not get me wrong, clitoris orgasm is not a bad orgasm, the energy can be directed towards inside and women will not lose energy during intercourse. They can have 10 orgasms in a row if they want and if they have enough vitality. 

After sex they will not feel empty and depleted, but full of love and satisfaction and loaded with energy. 

When a woman starts to experience internal orgasms, her femininity will start to open up. Pleasure is a part of our life, life is not meant for suffering. Although sex is given us for pure pleasure and growth, for many people it is irrelevant and meaningless. It is only because we have been taught that sex is bad, shameful and a sin. It is not ok to talk about sex. A woman who embraces her sexuality openly is usually called a slut, a whore and God knows what else.

A woman’s power hides in her sexuality. A woman is a mystical and magical being. Men cannot experience 7 different types of orgasms. Why is it that a man who is sexual is called a bachelor, a stallion, a stud etc., but woman is called a whore? Why were they burning women in the history and claiming them to be witches? Because a smart man knows that when a woman is in her full power and potential, no man can resist her. And when I say power, I mean the power of love here. 

Ladies, forget about plastic surgery, expensive cosmetics to keep Yourself young and good looking. Discover Your own sexuality and You will stay young, beautiful, healthy and radiant for long. You do not need to worry that Your husband will take a younger girlfriend if You keep intimacy and sex in Your relationship.

And this is Your job ladies, You have a bit bigger responsibility for keeping the love in the relationship. That is the gift woman are carrying.

If You are in a relationship with a man who is ignorant to what You have to offer, then it is time to move on, because You love Yourself and You have a very special gift to give to someone who can appreciate it. 

Women need to have lots of sex and longer periods of time. That makes a woman happy. When she is happy, the world around her will become a happy place. Happy woman is always in her right size, she doesn’t need to worry about her weight. An unhappy person’s body will reflect the unhappiness. Everyone will want to be close to the happy person, men and women. They are drawn in with a magnet.

Ladies, discover Your own sexuality and through that You will transcend Your reality. Every woman is capable of doing it, is just a matter of getting over Your fears and insecurities.