Clients Feedback

Hello Urmas,

Thank you for the knowledge you shared at the Tantric Man course. 

My feeling after the course is powerful. 

At the beginning of the course I felt a bit uncomfortable as there were many men I didn’t know before. You were able to create a pleasantly free atmosphere and I liked the course very much and also the way you ran it. 

I was surprised of the broad selection of topics covered there. I knew that the training will be related to sexuality but I couldn’t see the whole picture and the way how everything is connected: sexuality, thinking, lifestyle, communication, nutrition and purification of the body on the physical, energetic and spiritual level. All of this information was very useful and inspiring for me and it supports the important changes in my life.   

David (26)

Dear Urmas,

I have thought about writing to you several times and now I’m finally doing it. This is actually unbelievable what kind of opening the participation in your tantra massage course and the private sessions with you have brought to me. During the last 4-5 weeks I have experienced something I wouldn’t have imagined. Surely not so quickly. Every time I’m engaged with myself or when I’m with my husband, there’s an ejaculation! I’m especially surprised that it’s even possible when being by myself. Also, it doesn’t take a long time to reach this kind of release, often only 5-10 minutes. Today for example I cried during this from the bottom of my heart, I ejaculated and crocodile tears were rolling. I’m sure it had a healing effect emotionally and spiritually and I am very grateful to you and Katrin. I also feel that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey.

I also thank you for suggesting to give up smoking! Now it is my fourth month without smoking and I feel strong. To avoid gaining weight I’m exercising much each day and I’m enjoying everything physical more.

Best wishes,

Helen (34)

One of the main lessons in tantra is to learn the difference between an orgasm and ejaculation. I had understood this idea theoretically but as I had no personal experience, then this idea was still hard to grasp. Tantra massage offered me what I needed – I could experience what is an energetic orgasm that permeates the whole body. I would never have believed that it’s possible to experience something so powerful by massaging. Although my sense of time was blurred, this orgasm must have lasted 10 minutes. I felt a very intensive energy starting to move upward through my whole body, through my stomach, breast and hands, up to my fingertips. My body and especially hands were as if paralyzed, I couldn’t move them for some time. After recovering I felt totally satisfied, released and relaxed, as if I had got rid of years of stress at once. It was a very powerful and memorable experience and surely this won’t be the only time. I would suggest it to everybody who are open-minded and interested in learning more about the potential of sexual energy.

Mikael (24)