Urmas Silman

Urmas Silman

I have been in a path of Tantra for almost 13 years and this has been the most enjoyable journey in my life.

I have been active in business environment for eight years in consumer product sales and marketing and ten years managing a variety of businesses in the same field.

Since I was a teenager I have been interested in different esoteric knowledge and experiences. I have been active in massage therapy and energy work for almost 20 years, constantly growing and learning in this field. I have added recently to my skills Marma and Tantra massage.

I work daily as a Tantric Therapist and have worked with hundreds of women successfully.

I organize and teach Tantra Massage Vol.1, Vol.2 and Tantric Men workshops, which has been successfully done in Bali, India, Thailand, Russia, Latvia and Estonia. 

tel. + 372 50 34356

email: urmassilman@gmail.com